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Australian Working Rights

I understand and acknowledge to be a successful job applicant at CHOICE FM I must provide the requested documentation as per requirement.


I hereby declare that all my details above set out are true and correct.


I declare that I am fit, healthy and capable of performing all duties shown and described to me.


Please Read and Acknowledge

It is prohibited under the Migration Act 1958 to allow or refer an illegal worker to work. You, as the employee providing the services to CHOICE FM must ensure that each person you directly employ to provide the services to you, can work in Australia. A person who is allowed to work in Australia is one of the followings:
1. an Australian citizen; or
2. a non-citizen with a valid Australian visa that allows the person to work in Australia.

Certain visas, Eg: visitor visas do not allow noncitizens to work while they are in Australia. People who no longer hold a valid visa are also not allowed to work in Australia.

To confirm Australian or New Zealand citizenship an employer can sight:
Australian or New Zealand passport
Australian birth certificate and a form of photo identification evidence of Australian citizenship and form of photo identification certificate of Status for New Zealand citizens in Australia and a form of photo identification.

To confirm permanent resident status, an employer can sight:
certificate of permanent resident status and a form of photo identification a passport issued by the government of another country along with a check using Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO).

The Department has published a set of practical examples of ways in which you can check if a non-citizen is allowed to work in Australia.

Please sign below as an agreement that each person you employ, is checked to legally work in Australia. This person may need to be checked every three month. Either way, you must provide digital copies of legal proof for each worker to Choice FM P/L

Agreement of employee providing the services to Choice FM Pty Ltd


I have read and agree to the above and full acknowledge and accept the company policies